Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sushi Bar- making it!

So, the sushi bar is supposed to be the main element of my game, but when making it (or attempting to make it) it has been the most difficult part to make.

I initially thought that making the bar out of separate elements would be rather simple, and then just animate them along a motion path. However after a couple of hours testing by myself, and a further few hours testing with Mat, we found that this way seemed more difficult than first anticipated.

I hoped that the sushi bar would be in an unusual shaped path, which formed the shape of the organ structure inside of the dinosaur. From these tests I found this would be near impossible to make, so I decided to create a normal circle sushi bar, with the track being simply the table, with the whole table being animated rotating, and have separate tables coming off which stay still. By doing this I still get the effect of a sushi bar going round, but just not in the way I first imagined. I then textured the top of the bar to have the sushi disks of the track, to further give the effect, and parented the sushi bowls and sushi onto the sushi bar.

Here is a video I initially watched to help me create the sushi bar, but with testing it didn't seem to work.

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