Monday, 5 August 2013

Last Push!!

Today I wanted to finish compositing and do the finishing touches of my maya scene before importing it into Unity and adding the other finishing touches in there. 

First I started off with laying out the chop sticks on each table, making sure they are to the right hand side of each placing which is polite in Japanese etiquette. 

I then added seating to each position on the sushi bar, using the sushi models I had already created for the food on the bar.

The next step was to import the bubble blowers. When I first added one to the area it looked quite quiet and not really thought out, so I decided to experiment by duplicating the same model and spacing them around the bar between each rib, rotating the outside ones to look in.

The next thing I wanted to do was duplicate the sushi bar and all of the assets in and around it (including the water fountain) twice, making three eating areas. However when I tried to move the objects when only selected it started to spread the items rather than retain their original layout but changing the position. I did a quick search and couldn't find how to resolve this, but after a while I found this link:  which told me to group the objects I wished to move, which worked!!

I then had the issue of lighting to deal with. I imported the lantern models into this project file and started playing around with the heights of the lanterns giving a more random effect when looking at them inside the game. I then rotated them to give them all a slightly different positioning and hanging and checked that the texture glow was working.

Getting there....!

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