Thursday, 8 August 2013

Trends in the game industry 2/3 - Game Addiction

One thing that is often associated with gaming is game addiction. As I have never really played games that often, or been allowed to much as a child, I find the idea of game addiction strange and a foreign land to me. However game addiction can be an extreme mental illness, with some people finding it easier to interact with others in the online world making their own persona of who they wish they could be, choosing to leave the real world behind them.

In my eyes this form of addiction to the virtual world can be shown in most of todays society, especially the younger generations, through the obsession with online social media. With Facebook for example, some users go great lengths to  ‘craft’ their perfect account, being careful of that pages they ‘like’ spending hours writing status’ which will get enough ‘likes’ to look popular, and taking hours to decide which picture to use for their display picture.

It is just that game addiction is more serious, as not only are they creating a persona, which they wish the online world to view them as, but also cutting out reality all together. Although I don't know much myself about this subject matter, these three links below all give really heartfelt accounts of what it is like to suffer from addiction and their route out of it.

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