Friday, 9 August 2013

Unity has it's issues

I had a difficult time transferring my Maya project into Unity for many reasons. To begin with it was mainly an issue with exporting the project file out as an FBX..

At first I thought nothing of it, but when I got my FBX into Unity, my seahorse models had stretched and none of the textures were linked.

And then an error code came up which scared me a little!

So I went back to the Maya file and went through and centred the pivot of each seahorse, grouped the added details to the body together as well as having them parented, and then lastly I deleted the history for each and froze their transformations. I previously hadn't frozen the transformations of the project as when I did that it would stop the sushi bar from being animated and would move my assets around so I chose against doing the whole project.

I then added the lighting, which I chose to use directional lighting for, and had difficulty with it being too bright due to my own scaling issues with the Maya project, so each light's intensity was changed and the direction was changed also.

Once I had done all of this I left to go home, to come back the next day to continue my work on the Unity on the Macs up in the studio, rather than the free version I downloaded down in AV, which in turn corrupted all my files, leaving it impossible to open unless I had a admin password. When searching for solutions I found this helpful blog post:
Luckily James from IT was in and was able to help by allowing me to download the free version I used in Unity, and luckily this allowed me to open the files!

I then has issues with finding how to change the settings of the particle emitter, and became very frustrated at myself for a good hour, trying to find any sort of tutorial online, and when I was about to give in Annabeth came in and managed to help me find it as the new layout was completely different and difficult to navigate.

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