Thursday, 27 December 2012

I need a life. I need to live.

I have decided in the last few weeks that I am going to seriously start saving, and working my butt off to earn enough money to go travelling. Even if it is only the odd trip to cities in the UK, I need to escape my rut in Leeds, and further escape my rut at home in Telford. I haven't seen enough of the world, or met enough interesting and inspiring people. I am lucky to have so many lovely friends on other courses, and dotted about all over the country now from friends I made back in my hometown, who I can go to visit. But it never feels enough. To become good at anything it takes time, patience, skill and hard work, but you also need inspiration. There is only so much you can get from looking at other peoples work, but to go somewhere and taste something new, see the world from a different angle, climb up to the highest point, be with nature, and just to live a little is something completely different. It opens your eyes in ways that other peoples work will never be able to achieve. I need this in my life. And I need it soon. I feel drained from everything pure and good. I over work myself, I am a sucker for it, I never say no, I never let anyone down, but I forget what it's like to be free for a few minutes, even just one afternoon. Apologies for my mad surge of passion.

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