Thursday, 27 December 2012


While I was still on the Visual Communications course, I had the chance to talk to third years on the course about their work. On the animation table was Katie Payne, a student I have worked with on a project before (The Mind’s Wood) and have spoken to a few times about animation.

However in this talk I was able to find out more specific things about her practise, and the mistakes she has made. During this, she referred back to her blog to show us her process throughout the module.

After the talk, Katie was kind enough to send me an image of the most successful armature she has made, for me to use as a reference. She has also offered her help and assistance if I get stuck at any point during my time at university.

Since that day, I have obviously moved course, and she has wished me luck, and I have seen her various times in the AV suite with Abi Sharp (another third year animator on the Visual Communications course).

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