Friday, 28 December 2012

Lord Whitney

Lord Whitney, as mentioned in my last post, are a Leeds based art company, who specialise in sculptural pieces. Which in my opinion often look very theatrical and could possibly be used as sets or props in stop-motion animation. I was heavily influenced by their aesthetic when creating my collaborative animation last year, and would love to work with them in the future, possibly on one of their work placement schemes.

This piece I saw when I first moved to Leeds, not realising that Lord Whitney had created it until after the talk with them. I adore this window display, and have since had the urge to create my own shop displays and contacted both Nation of Shopkeepers (where this one was displayed) and the Travelling Man requesting if I could do one.

These other images are my favourite pieces created by them, and I find really lovely! I adore how you can very clearly tell that they have been handmade, every crinkle and crease just makes it more and more perfect in my mind. 

For more of their work and inspirations visit

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