Thursday, 27 December 2012

Trying to love Leeds again

While I am on the subject of travel, before the Christmas break I spent one Saturday catching up with one of my closest friends on the Visual Communications course Lydia. I have really missed seeing her daily (even though we are only across the corridor our timetables clash so much, and she is just like me, a 'yes' person and is constantly busy!), and decided to kidnap her from her busy life for an afternoon.

We decided that we both needed to explore Leeds a bit more, and fall back in the city we live in, rather than longing to escape! So we went to an amazing reclamation shop called ScrapSuff which sells every crafty item you could imagine for the lowest prices you could imagine! It was absolute heaven! But unfortunately you need a membership card to even get through the door (luckily for me Lydia has one!). I had heard about the place before during my first year on the other course, but never had the opportunity to visit, and was reminded that I was still yet to go when on set with Matt Saunders, as many of the props and sets were made from materials brought from the shop. I was very well behaved and didn't madly buy everything I could set my eyes on, and decided to wait to go back again with Lydia when I have a project on which needs materials buying for.

Next door to this glorious shop is a place called Full Circle. It is a hard place to explain really, you walk in and it is a toy shop, filled with every arty sculpture you could ever dream of, then you walk further and it is a cafe bar area, with a stage for live music to the right and a spiral stair case in the middle (which I won't talk about any more.. if you know me well you will know that this is my biggest fear..!) and an art gallery at the back. Could you combine any more of my favourite things (other than animation of course) together in one place?! It is so cosy and lovely, and I can't wait to go there when they hold events! And hopefully in the future potentially hold my own events there as it is such an amazing venue!

We then went on a charity shop crawl around Hyde Park, to ones I didn't even know existed (I tend not to head around that way in Leeds) and managed to snap up a few bargains, as well as finding some crazy items which would have been perfect to make props out of for stop motion animations, so I shall bare these shops in mind for future projects along with ScrapStuff!

Followed by a trip to the Reetsweet craft fair (which I have already blogged about) held in the Corn Exchange, which we then went on a mooch about the other long term shops there too, getting endless amounts of inspiration.

I can't wait to visit all of these places again in the future, and after that day I felt so much happier. Funny how much a few hours can change your mood. At the end of the day I also felt a real urge to make a stop motion animation, which comes very rarely, so you know what, I think I will!

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