Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sara's Film

For the first film brief we were encouraged to help other members of the course with their films if needed, so when Sara was worried that she had no one to help her set up and film, I put my name down to give her a helping hand. She had also asked Callum to help too but was worried that he may not be able to help (as he rang to say he may be busy), but luckily he was able to come along.

Sara's film was 'How to do smokey eyes', but she had an added twist, that her subject was actually Stuart... not quite the (beardless) woman that is usually used in these sorts of adverts! She did however reference a wide selection of the current and past adverts to get the right style of shots and content, so it gave me and Callum a lot of scope to reference. It was mainly my job to use the flash gun in the end scene of the video where it is revealed that the model is actually a male, to mock him being in a photography shoot. I also helped out setting up and tidying away at the end of the shoot, which included mainly the lighting and props. 

Although I didn't have a major role in helping on Sara's film, I found it interesting to see how other people work, and I enjoyed the team work within our small team. As I hadn't started filming my video yet, it was useful to touch up on some of my skills before I did my own!

(Another one of my roles was to take photographs of production, so here they are!)

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