Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Oh come to me Oh Comely magazine

I found Oh Comely magazine almost a year and a half ago, and have been religiously buying each issue, only missing the first three (when I hadn't heard of the publication). As a strong hater of 'trashy magazines' (sorry to all of those who love knowing where you can get 'those shoes' or which diet some celeb is on.. but that really isn't my cup of tea at all), I was over the moon to find a magazine who is just as against and just as bored of them as I am! I have learnt so much from every issue, opening my eyes to so many professions and so many artists that I may never have heard of. I have been inspired to make a list of things to do from the magazines even! Bee keeping, making a Coracle (a type of boat) and to buying a Merrimaking hood (which infact I have done... twice! Now being the proud owner of a Snow Leopard one and a City Fox!), were never things I aspired to do in my lifetime, but now they are high up on my list of things to do when I graduate!

Being the co-editor of the Universities magazine, I find their layout and content truly inspiring, and something to use as a strong visual reference, and I find myself going back to certain issues time after time.

I cannot praise this magazine enough. For £4, every month, I am fuelled with all the inspiration I need, and a good time waster when on long train journeys home to visit family. If you are even remotely interested I will happily lend you a copy! With many issues having interviews with independent directors, writers, illustrators, animators, crafty folk, musicians and the odd randomer too! Just do it, if you know what's good for you.

As an extra special bonus (if you are too scared to ask me to borrow my precious magazines (which I even dust regularly.. it is embarrassing really) they have published a few of their earlier issues, including the three I missed online

Or you can check out their blog with loads of reviews and extra content well worth a weekly check!

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