Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Latest To-do list (oh gosh...!)

5 issue blog posts
1 Uk Government funding for the arts compared to other countries
2 2D as a ‘dying’ art form
3 Networking and how to get yourself noticed (premade things) & plans for portfolio (events, festivals, emails)
4 Pirating in the animation, film and games industries and how it is affecting the industry
5 Differing in freelancing, Leeds to Telford, where would be best to do it, perhaps moving or focusing on a particular area of this country or another country all together
20 blog posts about films, games, animations
1 Anifest
3 Dragon Stop Motion blog
4 Music vid with Matt
6 Oluwali, Lisette, Light Night
7 Drip Drip Drip
8 Leeds alternative comics fair
9 Leeds Print Fair
10 NEST issue two
11 Travelling man window display
12 Culture Vulture window display
13 Glen Keane
14 Life of Pi review
15 MAP
Notes from PPP sessions
Presentation skills
Presentation on blog posts
The presentation
Blog on how I found it, skills learnt

3000 word essay
Research plan and research
First draft
Second draft
Final submission
Exercises from seminars
1 Moving image analysis
2 Gallery space comparison
3 Art or science
4 BAF write up
5 Short essay
Lecture notes
3 graphic design
7 film theory
8 high vs low culture
9 fashion as a photograph
10 creative advertising and new media
Make something

Maya Module
10 blog posts on practitioners & companies
7 Mickey Mouse’s Club house
8 Octonauts
9 Gnomeo and Juliet
10 Glen Keane
Ball bouncing and squashing
Animation tests
Background ideas
Redraft of storyboard
Title card and end credits
History of CGI
History of Stop Motion

Other Projects
Drawings x20
Animation transitions
Timing to music
Particle generators
Dinosaur band animation
Traveling man window display
Make yeti and fight scene
Organise dates and times (Sundays)
Culture vulture window display
Make rainbow and rabbits playing scene
Organise dates and times (Sundays)
‘NEST’ magazine
Next issue
Bedroom articles
Playlist page
How to draw a…
7 day drawing challenge
Leeds Inspired interview
Andrew interview
Issue launch
Contact Bakery 164
Meeting for launch team
Look at timetable to see if able to do
Lesson plan
RAG week
Help Rachel with events

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