Sunday, 10 February 2013

Maya Colouring

Applying colour
After experimenting with creating shapes, the next step is to texture and colour them. To do this you go to Window>Rendering Editors>Hyper shading which brings up the pop out box. To then colour the object you first select its geometry, then right click on the colour and select it. If you are not wanting the whole object to be the same colour, and different faces to vary, then you are able to select different sections and colour the faces separately.

The first texture we looked at was Lambert, which is just a plain matt texture, and the simplest one there is.

When creating a plastic object in Maya, this texture is usually used, as it is glossy and looks the most like plastic.

Annabeth described this texture to be like the underside of a CD or DVD as it is reflective.

The last texture we were suggested to look at was this one, who's qualities are most like glass.

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