Wednesday, 27 February 2013

With Matt day two

Day two with Matt in AV commenced, and I knew exactly what modelling I needed to get done. All I had left were a few features on the octopus to create, and a bit more work on the carrot. I started off working on the carrot's shorts as they were what I was dreading to model the most. Again I started off with a simple rectangular shape which we then added edge loops to and split the legs apart, allowing me to focus on the creases.

Here is the beginnings of my shorts, and how I was stitching between the views to get the first basic shape, and rounded enough to fit the model.

As you can see, once I got my model to wear the shorts, the shape of them were really odd, even when the dents had been rounded out. which led me to spend a good amount of time modelling every crease, and moulding them into a believable pair of shorts.

Here you can see the difference in smooth and normal view, and how much of a difference smoothing can really make in creating a model. The first image is what I started with, and the last is after a little bit of messing around to make creases by moving each vector point. I am surprised looking back at how much of a difference this makes to the believability of the character.

As you can see here, my geometry got a bit confusing, and I decided to try and smoothen it up a little bit so the vectors weren't over lapping and making it unclear on where each point was.

This lead me to creating a much more desirable shape, with life like creases.

Once I had finished modelling in both the normal and smooth preview, I smoothed out my finished shape.

Here is my final version of the shorts, with extra creasing and matched almost to the creases in my toys shorts. It did take a long time for me to create these shorts, especially as they aren't really in

Mr Octopus is done!! I coloured his moustache by selecting the faces of the edge loops I wanted, and made them a lighter shade, as well as changing his eyes to a blinn texture so it looks more toy like. I am so proud of him, even though he is so simple in real terms, I think that I have captured his character and charm from the toy I own.

And I have almost finished my models!!! Only got a few tiny things to do to my carrot model, but other than that they're all done!

In this post I would like to thank Matt for really helping me in AV on those two days. It has really helped me set down the foundation of knowledge I needed, and I will forever be grateful for the amount of time and patience he had in going through each problem I encountered with me, until I felt confident enough to tackle those problems alone.

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