Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Octopus feb 11th

On the Monday during our animation session, I spent time creating my character models. I started to make my octopus model, as I had almost finished my other main protagonist Totoro.

To get the tentacles the same shape, size, distance apart and to be in a circular shape, after creating one the size I would like it to be, I asked Mat for help as when trying to do it manually it wasn't spacing right. He showed me a simple tool called the 'duplicate special' option which allows you to choose the spacing and the amount you would like to replicate by.

Once I had the tentacles I made the body shape (which was just a simple sphere), and then added squash and stretch deformers to create slightly more interesting shapes, and making it more similar to my actual toy.

Just a quick screen shot to show that I tested that my character was fully parented!

I then coloured my octopus character matching the shade of my toy as best as possible, and made a quick and simple top hat, which I rotated and parented to the body. All I have left to do to my model is to add eyes and a moustache.

I also learnt during making my octopus, how to use the attribute editor, and more importantly learnt the shortcut to get it up! (By simply clicking Apple + A)

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