Sunday, 3 March 2013


Octonauts another children's animated TV series' I decided to look at, uses key elements of design which I wish to replicate in mine. I really love the simple colour pallet, rounded shapes, limited detailing and interesting character design, all together combine to create a really visually stimulating animation with the right narrative. Although I am wishing to focus my story on a dance competition rather than an exploration, I feel that these elements will help me understand and develop my work more.

The one piece of concept and development work I was most impressed with (although there wasn't very much on offer to view online), was this amazing insight into their storyboarding process. I love how they use simple line work, grey scale and extra borders to show camera movements. Although I have already created my storyboard, I have definitely used this way of thinking in my head when staring to animate.

These two pieces of concept art I personally find phenomenal. I am not easily impressed by complex pieces of artwork and find it much more impressive when someone has created a really simple piece of work which can still give the same amount of emotion and expression, as it shows that they have an even stronger understanding of composition, lighting, colour, texture, design and overall cinematic knowledge. If my work could give the same amount of viewing pleasure to somebody as this does with me then I would be extremely proud of my work. This is definitely something I will aim towards in achieving in my three years on this course.

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