Monday, 25 March 2013

Games mainly aimed at children

As a massive kid at heart, not that I hide it very well mind, I really enjoy playing games which are primarily aimed at children, as they usually make an effort to be stylised and visually stimulating, as well as just being plain fun!

Katamari Forever

I haven't played this game yet, but really really want to! I absolutely adore how the concept sketches are really just 2D versions of the final 3D models, the style and design hasn't changed one bit! I really really like the colours and simplicity in their designs, but also that they are not afraid to not be perfect in their line work, which I feel makes their work even more perfect! The concept of the game, rolling around in a massive ball collecting things, is slightly strange but really good fun!!!

Disney Universe

This is a game I actually have on the Wii! (There makes a change hey!!). I was unable to find any pre-production work for this game, but found a few stills of the characters and environments. As the game is based on a crazy mash up of all Disney and Pixar films, the environments are just stylised versions of the well loved places from their films. The characters themselves are really nicely created, other than the faces inside the hoods, which I think contrasts too much to the cute outer shells, softer features would have worked much better in my opinion. This game is however overall really enjoyable to play, especially as the user already has a connection with the game before even picking up the controller.

LittleBigPlanet (1 and 2 and Karting)

Little Big Planet is one game that I really really enjoy. Having obsessively played it in the past at family and friends houses, I have became somewhat of an addict to this game (and starting to feel withdrawal symptoms from being away from Sackboy too long!) The controllable expressions of Sackboy is hilarious, and when in multiplayer mode if your character is holding something then they can hit the other player over the head and knock them over! Although simple, these minor details really give character to the game. This can really be seen in the concept art of Sackboy. Although I adore his character and the game simply wouldn't be as good without him, the environments are what make the game. Although created in 3D, they look so homemade and beautifully shaped and textured, and purposely made to look as if a child has made the whole set and they have simply modelled it. My favourite part of the game is when you sit on the pinnate donkey's and race down a track collecting prizes of stickers and new clothing as you go along. This game is also a favourite as you are able to customise Sackboy with the clothing you unlock, but this customisation goes further as you are able to create your own world and even your own mini games which other PS3 online users can play. When looking at other peoples mini games, some are so inventive and fun to play, my favourite being a Jaws style game where you have to swim as fast as possible along a stretch away from a shark, with obstacles in the way which you have to swim around or attempt to stand on to get some air! 

Disney Epic Mickey (2)

As I own the first Epic Mickey Wii game, I was interested into looking at both of the games for inspiration. Although I enjoy playing the games, I am not overly 'wowed' or won over by the style of the environment, or even the characters. Just like the Disney Universe game, Epic Mickey already has the familiar link with the user, which makes a ready made interest and understanding of the characters and their background. More so in this game, as it really goes into depth into Walt Disney's life and the creation of Walt Disney Studios. 

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