Monday, 25 March 2013

Anime inspired games

Many of today's games are choosing to use a Japanese/Chinese Anime drawing style, as the 2D animated series' all around the world are gaining such popularity. Even if only using small influences from this mass popular culture, in these games below you can clearly see it's influence. As I am hoping to base my game on a Japanese city, I think it is important that I focus on this style of gaming. 

Heavenly Sword
This game is aiming for photo-realism in the landscapes used, but still has a slight stylistic slant. I really enjoy the concept art which shows the characters interaction with the space, especially in the last image with the main protagonists hair flowing. Although most of their concept art is more like a finished piece of art work, I really enjoy the third images rough sketchyness, with added detailing in the key sections of the design. Although it has been created digitally it looks as if it has been drawn with pencil on paper, which is something I wish to improve on when doing my own design work.


Although overly feminine (in the way I don't enjoy), Folklore does have some interesting concept art for their environments. I find it interesting that all the environment designs I found were very very similar, with very limited changes in scenery or style.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Wizard's Edition

This game has been well awaited by all Studio Ghibli fans, including myself. The first from the franchise has definitely not been a flop, and has sold out after every restocking in almost every game shop in the UK. This game is just as beautifully created and animated as Ghibli's films, and allows fans to really be in the magical world that the studio have managed to make. Although the last image of the strange characters the main protagonist meets is a little bit lacking in substance contrasting to the rest of the design work, the finished game works really well. One of my main concerns is that Studio Ghibli is known for their 2D animation and I was sceptical on how it would translate into 3D for their game. They manage to retain their style and substance however in their 2D backgrounds, and the models are exactly modelled to their 2D visions, and then textured in a way to still look 2D.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy is such a massive franchise that I simply couldn't ignore it for this section. Loved by many, this ever adapting and improving game (in terms of visuals but also the game play and narrative) is gaining more and more players. I really like their character sheets which show the initial design compared to the final 3D version. I am thinking of doing something similar for my own work.

White Knight Chronicles (1 and 2)

Although this is a bit too elaborate and 'epic' for my own game, I am in owe of the amazing concept art for this game. I really like the dull pastel tones used, but don't think I would use them in my own work, as I enjoy using bright colours. I may use their cheat to give depth to the concept art by limiting the colour and detail as you go further back, until the house rooftops blur into one colour.

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