Sunday, 3 March 2013

Monday at Uni - Crit and maya work

At the beginning of the day we were given time to add to what we have of our animations so far before we have to show them to the rest of the class.

So to begin with Mat helped me cut out the arms of my carrot model as it was not posable to lift the score cards up. To do this we had to separate them from the body and make them into different objects. He then showed me all the stuff I missed in class, including lighting, UV mapping and camera work.

Octopus animation test from sacha frampton on Vimeo.

After this we put our animations up on our screens and were all given sheets where people can write their thoughts and comments on your animation and modelling and how you could possibly improve what you have already got. I was so nervous about doing this, and really didn't want to have people see my unfinished work, but I am really glad I did participate as I had a really positive response and had a few comments from people looking forward to seeing it in a finished state.

I then did a bit more animating, mainly finishing the octopus scene, and then the carrots scoring scenes.
Octopus dance 2 from sacha frampton on Vimeo.

Carrot flip cards from sacha frampton on Vimeo.

I then spent the rest of the day animating, and made these two playblasts of the work that I did.

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