Wednesday, 13 March 2013

PPP update

Thought I'd give a quick update of stuff outside of college is going! As ever I have been a busy bee...

NEST Magazine
As editor of NEST, I have been stupidly busy organising the magazine (although Kai my co has been a godsend with this issue), but more importantly the second issue launch. Although it has been difficult at times to coordinate people, last night was a massive success. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Although no where near as many people came along, and we had to close up early (due to this!), everyone who came stayed for the whole night, chilled, drank fancy cider, drew silly pictures, listened to the phenomenal jazz band and 3 talented DJ's and appreciated the work of the featured artists. Although the night was full of joy, and lots of popcorn, it was also a saddening and hard time for myself, as after two years of being co-editorial officer, I have decided it is time to step down from my possition. Although I will of course help out with future issues and their launches, I feel that I can now start using my time in other ways.

Window Displays
Through the art of Tweeting, I have managed to secure two window display jobs, although unpaid, I am extremely excited about doing them as it will give me the skills I will need for Art Department work and Set Design for Animation, and exposure as both shops are in Leeds City Centre. Both Traveling Man (a comic book store which sell amazing books too) and Culture Vulture have said yes to my suggestions, and both are as excited about doing this as I am!! I have also been asked by Culture Vulture to do future displays for them, possibly even creating one a month, which is fantastic news!! Now I just need to find enough cardboard....!!

Interior Design Project
I was approached by a producer I have worked with before, who's friend is in need of people who work in the Art Department, for creative input and possibly helping create stuff for a new co-working office that will be in the heart of Leeds. As a strong believer of these spaces creating amazing new talent, I jumped on the opportunity. They sent me a Pintrest mood board that they created, and I created my own to show them for added creative input. The style they are going for is outdoors indoors, but with an industrial twist, here you can see the board I created

Feature Film
Over Easter I have the possibility of working on an indie feature film, although it hasn't been confirmed if I will be working on all scenes of it, I will more then likely be working in the 'virtual' part of the film. I can't give too much away, but it seems to be an exciting project to be working on!!

Chris' FMP
I have been asked by Chris Luk, a third year on the course, to help with his animation for the Final Major Project module with the working title 'Toby!?'. I will be helping him with production work, but my main role is to be a colourist, with the possibility of in-betweening. I have already been involved in the ideas generation process, and I can't wait to do more on the project. 

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