Monday, 25 March 2013

Action games

Although these games are not really my usual 'cup of tea' as it were, in recent years I have really enjoyed watching friends and flatmates play on these sorts of games. Not only for the game play, but for the increasingly beautiful environments and characters.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is my all time favourite game to watch other people playing. Last year I spent a long period of time each weekend watching my (then) flatmate playing it. When he first got the game I was not interested in the slightest, but when I actually saw the visuals I was hooked. The concept art that I have chosen to show really gives the game justice and vice versa, they really are both as good as each other/ As I had no previous knowledge on the line of games before Skyrim, I was surprised at the drastic change and development in the characters, as shown by the last image, just showing how drastically technology is advancing to allow more complex design (in both the modelling and texturing) to be used. Out of all of the concept art, I really enjoy looking at the primary pencil sketches, but can obviously really appreciate the later more finished pieces of digital artwork.

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed is another game that I have watched my flatmate play. Like Skyrim, I was amazed by the environments more than the character. All of the concept work I found for this game was digital and none done by hand, which contrasts to how I work best when generating ideas. Even though I am often put off my overly digitalised pieces of artwork, the detail and sheer beauty in these images is out of this world. I particularly like the last image as the tree house with all the moss hanging off the branches and roots is incredible, as well as the tiny figure showing the scale. I also like the detail in the foreground, adding further depth to this image. One thing which I hadn't really considered is reflection, as it makes such a difference to the believability in this image, and is something I need to ensure I do in any water, even puddles, and windows if light is reflecting off them.

The Tomb Raider Trilogy

Tomb Raider is another game which is really well known with a massive fan base as it has been around for years and adapted and developed with the ever-changing technologies. I have posted a few examples to show the development of the games increase in realism. My favourite images though are the two landscapes, where a simple silhouette is used to show the scale of the space and give a better indication on what the game will be like best. Although they have both been digitally painted, a medium I still feel uncomfortable using, I would be interested in trying to make my concept art the same standard as these.

Heavy Rain
Although I hadn't heard of this game before researching into different Playstation 3 games, I really liked the last image when looking for their concept art. It looks realistic and believable as a building, but still looks as if it has been drawn. The choice in colour palette and dark shadowy areas, with the added detailing of rain) really create a dreary atmosphere in this image, and sets the scene of the game perfectly. I also couldn't believe how lifelike the characters are modelled and textured, even though this is not the direction I want to take my own game in, I am still very impressed!

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