Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Development of final concept art pieces

My character Shishi, is a sealmaid (seal crossed with a mermaid) but she despirately wants to live like humans do, which is reflected in her choice of housing and in particular I found her bedroom would be important. As she is still a young girl, and finding herself, style and personality wise, I thought it was important to keep her room 'young looking' with lots of toys, and funny/interesting knick knacks based on real things I have found on sale on online craft shops such as Etsy. 

I then started adding base layers down, and changed the opacity, to give interesting washed out tones.

Because all of the opacity has been changed, when any other details or colours are added on separate layers, it gives a really nice overlapping colour, and adds to the aesthetic I feel my character would have. She is a colourful character, and lives under the sea in a cave, which I feel matches these colours well. I have tried to keep the colours, shapes and objects to be soft and warm.

Once the background layer of my initial sketch is removed, you can see the effect I am going for my using this method. Although this image is whilst it is still in the development stages, I think it shows my thought process behind creating an environment specific to my character, and her personality.

Here is the final piece of concept artwork for Shishi's bedroom.

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