Sunday, 20 January 2013


Plot-oon from Chris Butcher on Vimeo.

Although this is not a 3D animation, I feel that it still covers the style and interesting ideas of animations which I want to research into. Like Toy Story, this short focuses on small toy army figures, and animates their actions and movement really well, with an interesting narrative and concept. As 3D animation you are almost doing a stop motion animation, but moving a model on a computer screen with controls rather than with your hands in real life.

3angrymen_MakingOfToySoldiers from 3angrymen on Vimeo.
As a stop motion piece, they have used some really interesting techniques to create the effects that they want. A really interesting video, even if it isn't 100% relevant to 3D animation.


  1. I loved this animation.It was clever,original,engaging and very funny...

    1. :) glad you liked it, so cleverly done, i love watching the making of too