Sunday, 13 January 2013

My first day on Maya

Before the session I was becoming nervous about the prospect of using Maya for the first time, which worsened after our briefing (where it became apparent the level I needed to get to in such a short space of time, when watching the now second years response to the module). The idea of 3D space or the principles of how to use Maya I feel I understand, I just get panicked when it comes to actually using the software to model, especially because there are so many key board short cuts and steps to remember. When having a mess about on Maya, I found I struggled to make any shapes that resembled anything.. even after a good amount of time tweaking to get it right.

When it came to our first proper session using Maya to actually model to a given task, I found it a little easier to have the 'step by step guide' up to follow, but struggled with some of the really basic fundamental tools in Maya. By the end of the session I had completed the task, and correctly, which I feel is a massive achievement for me. Although I didn't have loads of time left over to customise my van like most other members of the class (with one member managing to have enough time to sculpt a kitchen and a detailed bowl of fruit... one day I'll get there hey...) I was really proud that I achieved what I did, especially after struggling so much.

Here was my first mistake which I am unsure on how I even managed to do it! I must have had the back of the cube selected as well as the sections I wanted, so I started again from scratch and double checked all of my selections from then on.

Here I selected the wrong edges to create a curve, which was a simple task of undoing, deselecting the edges and selecting the correct edges.

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