Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Final Environment concept artwork

After doing some concept sketches, I scanned some of them in to turn into more finished pieces of concept work, and colour them on photoshop.

I started off thinking about the Japanese floor plans, and the importance of that layout, and then drew out a rough weird cave shape, which I then adapted these ideals around. I purposely wanted smooth curves and rounded shapes to play a big part in her living space, especially after looking at the mood board I produced of the futuristic looking water houses. As it is in a cave I still wanted to keep the natural looking aesthetic, with the walls staying as rook (other than her bedroom which she has plastered and painted to be more like a human girls bedroom). In this image you can also see the entrance into the cave and out to the ocean. That hallway would always be flooded as it is on a lower level to the main rooms, which you have to swim up to, and are above water level. However in high tide the cave fills up, so all furniture and appliances are adapted to be able to withstand both conditions.

After doing the floor plan I thought it was important to show where the doors are, as well as the key furniture pieces, which allows you to understand the scale of each room.

I felt it was important to create a human-like kitchen, even if she would be unable to use some of the appliances. I also wanted to keep it in the same aesthetic as the rest of the house, but more toned down. I particularly wanted to show that the kitchen has been adapted to fit the space they have, which is why they have a curved kitchen workspace.

This piece of concept work shows the outside of her house, with the hole opening into the sea. As it is a piece of rock with a large space underneath (so it is resting above the sea bed), it was important to show it in relation to the environment around it. The rock housing my characters is attached to a cliff, which would be to the left of the image shown.

This was my first piece of concept artwork I created for this project, and the one I am post proud of. I really enjoyed designing this room, and had good fun laying this room out and carefully choosing what my character would choose to own.

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