Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Floor plan examples

Before designing the environment that my character will be living in, I looked at a few floor plans for ideas on how to arrange her space.

On the website I found this image of the typical layout for a Japanese house. As my character is Japanese and still living there this is a really useful floor plan to refer back to. Layout wise I can use the same room structure, but manipulate the space and sizes to suit my characters living needs (such as making the shapes more curved to show that it is inside a cave). 

When borrowing Chris' 'Making of Totoro' book I found this beautifully planned out floor plan of the main characters house and how it relates to part of their garden. Although it is unclear from this which room is which (as it is written in Japanese) , you can guess some of the rooms, and I have taken on the unusual shape. As this is a Japanese film it is really relevant to my own personal set again.

I struggled to find any more floor plans which were completely relevant to what I was searching for, but I came across these three pieces of fan art created by the same group of people. What they do is try to figure out the shape of famous films and series' housing or buildings, and recreate them in a floor plan style. Although this is working backwards, and not 100% what I am looking for, I find it really interesting to see the unusual shapes used and created, often due to the limitations of space when filming, giving weird and unusual angles. These three in particular are my favourites, not only because they are shows that I personally watch, but due to the interesting layouts

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