Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Flip book video references

For the flip book animation section of this module, I decided to focus on my characters expressions and body language of the upper part body, as I feel that this is where most emotion is shown. I wanted to show my character socialising, as she is a happy and friendly and often meets up with friends. I chose to show her having a milkshake in a milkshake bar, where she waves when seeing a friend coming over. This would help me focus on the movement of her face when drinking, as well as her moving (her arm to wave) at a less subtle speed. I am also hoping to create secondary reactions perhaps of her hair and tail moving.

Once I had decided this, it was time to do some video referencing. As embarrassing as it is (even more so to post online), these two video's of myself simply acting out the movement, even if they aren't used, were really helpful to have as a starting point, and often shapes and expressions are shown which I may not have had considered before these tests.

facial and hands

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