Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Toy Dance storyboard

Here is my initial story board for my first 3D animation. I am still waiting on feedback on whether or not this is too ambitious, but I have purposely chosen quite simple characters (shape wise) with simple animation with a mixture of more complicated movement. I am also looking at the lighting used, primarily the use of the spotlight throughout both dances and during the results, limiting the amount of modelling I would need to do for the environment, allowing me to concentrate on the characters.
Maya animatic from sacha frampton on Vimeo.

Here is an animatic I created from this storyboard to help me with timing.


  1. Lovely storyboards Sacha, it looks so adorable, cute and funny! I think you just need to add more different camera angles there (not only close up shots). Also how r u going to animate facial features and what about bg? Hand painted stuff will look great!
    take care :)

    1. Thank you Betty :3 I completely agree, as soon as I finished storyboardnig I realised how plain the shots are! I may do a shot with the camera spinning around Totoro in slow motion haha! I think I am going to animate the facial features like Pocoyo where it is simple 2D layered on top to show the different expressions :) And a hand painted background would look lovely! I'm still not 100% sure yet though, I might go all out and draw a strictly come dancing set!!!!