Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Storyboard and animatic

Before I started making my flip book I did a quick brain storm of simple ideas I could animate my sealmaid doing. The first idea was to do a swim cycle (as she doesn't walk!!) or her saying something. But I decided to base the animation around what she likes doing (as described in her character proformer) making it more personal to her. This gave me the idea of having her drink a milkshake, which would allow me to animate her facial expressions as well as her body language. As she often meets friends for milkshake I thought I would add the element of her waving to them as if they were coming to meet her, and her tail wagging with excitement. Because they are underwater with a small tide, I also made the choice to animate her hair and necktie rippling and flowing. As this is quite a lot of animating for an initially simple idea, it was important that I storyboarded.

Here is my one page storyboard showing really simple examples of the movement I wish to show.
From this storyboard I was able to reuse those frames to create an animatic, which is a moving storyboard, with each frame lasting as long as that specific movement would do. By doing this you can get more of an idea on the timings for the animation, even if the images are roughly done.
storyboard and animatic images from sacha frampton on Vimeo.

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