Monday, 21 January 2013

yum yum

Happy Food from Yum Yum London on Vimeo.

Yum Yum are a London based company specialising in making awesome toys and the odd illustration. When this animation came out from their company, I was so excited to see their characters literally come to life, as I really love their style and use of round edges, and I REALLY love their colour scheme. As far as a 3D animation goes, I think this one is one of my favourites, simply as they have tried to retain their usual aesthetic and not just animated in a way that is 'normal' for 3D animation.

I really found the credits interesting and exciting, rather than just having a 2D reel at the end they have really thought about trying to incorporate them into the animation, keeping the same style, theme, aesthetic and more importantly quality, as you can tell that this isn't an after thought.