Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Level 4 Context of Practice Essay Questions

Before the Context of Practice essay question seminar, I wrote down a few idea's for the two essay titles I am most interested in writing about, so here I have decided to combine my own notes with helpful notes I wrote from the discussion today.

Be objective with the books you choose
Use the Tate Gallery website for definitions (usually better than generic online dictionaries)
Use the book 'Penguin Dictionary for the Critical Study' if possible
www.jstor.org has some useful academic articles if you specify your search ~ can only access when in college
Reference films

Question 4:
With reference to specific examples, to what extent can it be argued that, with ever improving digital technologies, visual style in more important than narrative substance in contemporary film making?

Things to look at in the library:
Narrative, composition, digital film, digital storytelling, seven basic plots, film reviews on style over substance, how principles are used to enhance storytelling, digital art.

3D printing rather than modelling by hand-Laika (Coraline/Paranorman) vs Ray Harryhausen vs Aardman -High and low culture due to the skill it takes to hand craft the puppets
3D animation in general- Pixar through time 
2D animations now created on the computer- Adventure Time vs Chuck Jones
2D hand drawn and how small technologies have changed to aid their design work- Snow White to Princess and the Frog (return to 2D) -They developed and adapted the form of animation at the very beginning when making Snow White -Developed roles, workflow -Adapt the storytelling -After Effects and compositing -Justify why you are choosing this essay title

Question 6:
Using specific examples, and focussing on a specific area of digital practice, consider how successful it has been as a means of representing and/or developing identities? Focus on one area, for example, gender, sexuality, race, nationality, class.

Things to look at in the library:
Globalisation, popular culture, nationality, national identity, commercial
"Bauman", "Identity and Difference", "Steger - Globalisation a very short introduction"

Gender- Womens' role in Disney, comparing Snow White to Brave
Race- Studio Ghibli and how they retain elements of their culture -earlier films are truer to their culture -now changing and being lost (Arrietty is aimed and written with the Western culture in mind, as they have noticed their interest, creating a larger market -they did however retain traditional setting and character design), popular culture merges the world into one through globalisation, Western life is believed to be the 'better way of life', aspiration to please them is dumbing down and destroying identities, commercial

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