Sunday, 28 April 2013

Actual game

Character- main protagonist
-The main protagonist would be a character that the player chooses from 6 ready made characters, 3 boys and 3 girls. All will have their own unique qualities, skills and interests.

Other characters
-The other 5 characters which the player decides not to play as will always follow the main protagonist, but may wonder off if they become bored (if not included) which leads to puzzle games to try and find that character.

Aim of game
-The aim of the game is teamwork and friendship within the group, but mainly as a fun role-play game like The Sims franchise, but with puzzle games if in that game mode.

Other areas
-There will be other accessible areas in the full game, allowing you to visit the other rooms of the dinosaur (Kitchen, storage room, toilets, four stair cases enclosed in the legs), as well as entering the surreal Japanese Kawaii city. Other area's I have thought about is a submarine which is floating in the sky like a balloon, a woodland area filled with bonsai trees with small tree houses covering most the branches, a Japanese temple used as a tortoise shell, as well as other surreal buildings.

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