Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dinosaur research

The subject matter of dinosaurs was another of my initial ideas for this game. To begin with I decided to look at simple dinosaur illustrations created by a few of my favourite illustrators, as they reflect my own style.

Gemma Correll
Scott C

Julia Pott

Once I had looked further into these illustrations, seeing the inside almost house type design in the shape of a dinosaur by Scott C, I had the idea to combine this concept with my earlier idea of using the inner body of a human to be the Japanese Sushi bar area. Which means that I need to look further into the predicted anatomy of different dinosaurs, before choosing which species to base my designs around.

I managed to find these illustrations, with the Stegasaurus break down being my favourite of the two, revealing different layers of his inside, which could be interesting for my game as these could represent different levels or areas to explore.

When searching for dinosaur insides, I came across this link to a pretend dinosaur park, where a gift shop is placed inside one of the models. This concept really made me laugh, and reminded me of my concept, but in a less gruesome way as no organs or skeletal structure is on display.

I posted this image mainly as I enjoyed the shapes used to make the dinosaur, and cardboard was something that I had in mind for texturing my models to make it look more hand made, like the games Little Big Planet or Ilomilo.

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