Thursday, 4 April 2013

NEST issue two

The issue two launch for NEST magazine will be the last launch I will fully organise (I will still be helping with the third special Mexican issue's launch but have a lesser role), so this event had a strong importance to me. The event itself only had just over a week to organise, meaning that the turnout was not as great as our first launch, however the night was a success none the less and allowed students from different artistic background to mingle and meet new people from the college. I really enjoyed seeing people discussing the four featured artists designated mock desk spaces, and others reading the magazine whilst listening to the jazz band and dj's, while others had a go at live drawing on Photoshop which was projected for others to see. It was such fun, and had such a laid back atmosphere with many people staying until closing as they were enjoying themselves so much. Personally I would prefere to hold an event where people want to stay the whole time rather than nipping in and out, so I was amazing and extremely proud that this did happen. During my time on the magazine I have made some talented and inspiring people, students and proffesionals alike, with many I can now call good friends who I believe I will keep in touch with after leaving University. I am lucky and grateful that I was given such an opportunity to do such a thing, and I have learnt so much from this experience and have grown so much as a person since.

Below are the images of the night taken by my good friend and fellow SU member Rachel...

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