Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Choosing what theme...

During this module I am needing to create a games environment, but under one of the themes..

Fear   Disgust   Joy   Calm   Awe

Out of these options I definitely won't be choosing fear or disgust, not that I don't appreciate the difficulty in conjuring these feelings especially in a gaming format, but as I don't personally play these games and wouldn't know where to start if I were to create my own.

Awe is another option that I find intimidating, as often photo-realism is put under this category, and I am hoping to use my own illustrative style and I don't think it will quite be the awe-worthy status!

So the two themes I am mainly heading towards is the joy or calm themes, as these are games which I enjoy playing the most, and are mainly aimed at children (lending itself to my illustration style). Calm lends itself to simplistic environments which you can freely roam around at your own pace, and in my mind needs to be large open space, and with the space limits in which we have to work to, I feel that I would not be able to create a relaxing and calming space.

Which means, by the process of illumination I have chosen the theme of joy! At first glance this is probably the theme I am drawn to the most anyway.

Now onto how I can use this theme in my own game...
The game topics I would most be interested in developing a game around would be...
-Bee keeping
-Japanese culture
-Sushi bars

So now my next task is to research into each area and perhaps try to combine some of these elements together to create an interesting and visually exciting game!

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