Monday, 15 April 2013

Game Bible Critique

Main points raised...
  • Maybe change my theme to awe as some elements of my design could be seen as disturbing and not joyful enough. This theme still does cover all my work and ideas so far, and allows you to feel joy still.
  • People feel I should use the structure of the ribcage for my environment as it is more enclosed
  • Other influences that people can see in my work (see next blog post)

Things I need to do now...
  • Create more detailed concept art
  • Make floor plans of the whole space and design my one floor around this
  • Look into colour further
  • Lighting, and how to create self illuminated textures
  • Particle effects, possibly having bubbles flying around
  • Create illustrations for posters and maps for the environment
  • Use 3D for visualisation 
  • Look into sound design using diegetic music
  • Make my own textures - look at custom brushes
  • Look into how to animate the sushi bar to go around

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