Monday, 19 November 2012

1 Min Film - Gerbils

I have chosen that the subject matter of my one minute instructional video will be, how to look after your pet gerbils. I have recently got two of my own (a white/grey one named Pancake and a brown one named Crumpet), which I absolutely love to bits. Even though I am still struggling to get them out of the cage, as it takes a long time to build trust with them, we play together every day and I love being in their company. But when I first got them I was really worried (and still do worry) that they aren't happy, so I thought by making this instructional video it would help others that worry just like me. I am aiming this at children or young female adults who are most likely to own small animals.

Here I have taken various photographs of my lovely gerbils, trying to use different positions, and to capture them doing various different things...

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