Friday, 2 November 2012

Animation (part one of many...!)

Animation Animation Animation. Where do I even start. I love it, and could happily do it forever (I kind of need to learn how to do it properly first though!). So limiting myself to talk about just five of them is going to be I may go over!

The first animator I thought I would show is the talented Shishi Yamazaki, who studied at Tokyo University of the Arts. I absolutely love her drawing style and her uniqueness in the water colour paint marks in each frame. The colour choice is so vibrant, which is highlighted more by the colour blocks she uses (rather than detailed shading), and relies on the mediums texture to bring life to the images. She also really understands cinematography, you can just tell, as she always has the viewpoint and positioning of the 'imaginary camera' just right.

This first animation is probably her simplest, concentrating solely on getting her characters personality across.
YANOYA from shishi yamazaki on Vimeo.

Using the same character, this animation clearly shows her uniqueness in personality and her spontaneity. I love the contrast in mediums used, and the flickers in colour change. I feel this medium really reflects the character well, and I can't imagine it being done any other way! The two are a match made in heaven!
YA-NE-SEN a Go Go from shishi yamazaki on Vimeo.

Annoyingly I didn't think that her work could get any better, but it really does! Here, she not only uses a range of different characters, but she gives each one such life and fluid movement, allowing each to express themselves perfectly in time to the music. One day I wish to be this good, I admire everything she does. (I could post her video's on here forever, but sadly she only has 7, and one is a showreel!)
Neo Cos exhibit ネオ・コス展 from shishi yamazaki on Vimeo.

Her blog is a beaut too

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