Friday, 2 November 2012

Animation post 2

Liam Stevens. What more can I say. Yet another amazing animator with another unique style of working.

"Waiting" - My Robot Friend (feat. Jay Kauffman) from MakeMakeStudio on Vimeo.

Last year I did an animation on After Effects using the cardboard sets and characters that me and my partner in crime, Lydia Fothergill, made. We both were greatly inspired and slightly in love with this mans work, and in owe that he did the whole animation in camera, where as we had 'cheated'. With nothing but a pencil and some card (and maybe a bit of glue to fix everything together), one person can create such beautiful sets, and beautiful characters, and put together creating a beautiful animation. The narrative could have been much stronger, but I feel that when watching the video, you are so focused on the physical aesthetic you barely even notice what is actually going on in the video (as good or as bad as that is!).

For more of his glorious work, and paper cut illustrations, check out his website

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