Friday, 2 November 2012

Concept art 3/5

Fantastic Mr Fox really is fantastic. Wes Anderson did an amazing job to bring such a well loved book and childhood favourite to life, whilst retaining all the character and emotion that Roald Dahl created for the characters. With this being another animation based around a book (but this time not a picture book), it was so important to please all the fans.

I have 'The Making of Fantastic Mr Fox' book, where it outlines the character design process for each character, however, annoyingly my scanner has broken so I have posted images that I have found online from the book instead of the scans I hoped to show.

For this film (as it was a feature), there was a number of character designers, with Wes being one of them. From these three images (although not necessarily character development) you can see his thoughts on how the characters move, and how the props and costumes interact with the characters.

The main character developer, who's work I love, was Felicie Haymoz. The main reason why I love his concept work is that he sketches the said animal first in their natural positions and poses, and then exaggerates and recreates these poses to suit the more 'human like' characteristics that Wes wanted.
My personal favourite of his character developments, is that of Ash, the misunderstood youngest child of the fox family, who is always described as 'a little bit.... different'. Not only is he my favourite character of the film, but Felicie uses human references rather than focusing on fox references to create his personality and character in his facial features.
For more of Felicies's work please visit his website:
Fantastic Mr Fox is spot on with character design. I love it. The end.

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