Sunday, 18 November 2012

Environment art 3/5

In-Between is a French animation which tells the charming story of a woman's search for love, but she has one main obstacle... in the form of a pet crocodile (as you do). I adore the styling used for the characters, but equally love the matching style of the environment and how well it really works together. Everything has been really well planned out, the positioning of furniture down to how shots through the doorway would look. Underneath is one of their 'making of' video's, which goes more into the concept art and development of the environments used.

making of inbetween from blopOoO on Vimeo.

Below you can see how the character interacts with the environment.

To view the final animation (which I strongly recommend you do!) I have posted the video underneath.

In-Between from Team In-Between on Vimeo.

To look at the wonderful makers blogs for more pretty pictures of their work (and more behind the scenes work from In-Between), then here are a bunch of links!


  1. An absolutely adorable film and one I could watch endlessly!

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