Friday, 2 November 2012

Animation post 5

At Canterbury Anifest, I had the privilege to see this animation for the first time on the big screen. I was most excited about this animation being shown as I had seen the short trailer of this previously over summer, and have been keeping a close watch for when the whole video would be released. I hadn’t realised that this animation was in the programme until it came up on screen, which was a pleasant surprise. Words can’t even begin to describe how much I love everything about this animation. The limited use of colours, the rough textures which change according to the situation the boy is in, the angles used to heighten the contrast between the characters, the heart-breaking story-line, the beautifully thought out characters, the general drawing style, just everything. It is so beautiful and original. 

Since Anifest, I have had a short chat with Annabeth about how they would actually create this animation, and some of what she said surprised me. I knew it would have been done in after effects, using different layers to force perspective and depth, and I knew that it was digitalised drawings. What I didn't realise was that to create the texture in the hair, that a custom brush wouldn't have created the effect which it has, meaning each stand of hair would either be drawn separately, or using the eraser tool they removed sections of the hair to give the life like quality (both managing to give the same effect). Now knowing this, I can appreciate the animation more, as I understand the techniques used, and the vast amount of time it takes to perfect the skills they are using.

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