Saturday, 3 November 2012

Animation post 8- Flip books

Flip books were the suggested form of animation we should use to display our animation. A flip book is a small book of imaged, which when flicked through creates a moving image. What is so loved about this style of animation is the lack of need for any machinery, it isn't digital or doesn't need to be digitalised to work and still get the same effect.

I have struggled to find any flip books that I find inspirational to be honest (other than one). I did however find the history of flip books, and was quite surprised as some of the things mentioned.

The one flip book which does stand out in my mind, is one I found when doing animation research last year. A clever young man, Masashi Kawamura, came up with the 'rainbow in your hand' book. Where on each page he simply printed a row of coloured squares, exactly the same on each page. You may wonder how this creates a moving image then? Well, when viewed from the side (rather than from above to see the images) you can see the colour movement creating a coloured curve, like a rainbow, as the pages are flicked. To help me explain a little better, view this video:

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