Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The lovely Lee and the lovely Lisette

During my time volunteering at the Leeds International Film Festival, I got the chance to meet a load of new and inspiring creative people, one being Lee. During the one shift we shared, we talked loads about our interests and what we want to do in the future, which then led to a discussion about a film group that meet on Sundays, which have a group on Facebook. So we agreed to 'friend' each other, and perhaps when the work load has died down a little, we would finally go together!

But strangely he contacted me far sooner than I was expecting, but about a friend that needed some help, in the form of an animator. As I was the last animator he talked to, he gave me a shout and sent my details onto Lisette, the producer of the project.

After a few emails of correspondence, where I was sent the script, the music used and a video to use as reference for the style they are wanting for the minute long animated introduction for a short series based on an apocalyptic future for the world, made by various members of the Northern Film School (which is part of Leeds Metropolitan University).

(here was the video sent by Lisette)

After around a week of emails, I finally got the chance to meet Lisette in Weatherspoons, where she had her work spread out on a large table, cracking on with various projects. As stressful her life is at the moment, she took the time to speak to me (for over an hour) about the project and what she is hoping for from me, as well as general chit chat about various arty things (and a bit of geography thrown in for good measure). At the end of the meeting we were both buzzing with excitement to start, and Lisette informed me that she had around ten other people applying to take this role, so I feel even more privileged that she has trusted Lee's judgement and feels I would be the right person to do the animation. Now just to crack on with it!!!

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