Wednesday, 21 November 2012

1 min film - storyboarding

From pictures to drawings...
Here I have shown the first photographic image I took, and the process it took for me to create this as a digital piece of art ready for story-boarding. By literally tracing the images of these key frames, it allows me to understand the proportions and movement of the gerbils, as well as letting me have a recreated background which can be replicated and used again in different images. 


Before I started this 'fancier' storyboard, I started off with my initial planning, in the form of this small and sketchy thumbnailed storyboard.

My final storyboard sheets are

I really enjoyed the story-boarding process for this film, I half expected I would, but perhaps not as much as I did. I found it helpful to create different layers of 'stock' so I could resize and move the items into different frames, saving time redrawing everything out. Overall I am really happy with this storyboard, and because I found it understandable and clear I mainly stuck completely to the storyboard. I know I still need to learn the terminology better and to include more detail in the notes underneath, but hopefully with time I will understand this better.

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