Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lighting Induction

Here is a small diagram I made to simplify the process of 3 point lighting for me. After this session, I now feel confident that I could light a subject well (maybe not as well as Matt did, but better than I would have been able to before, that's for sure!)

After the Induction, we had the chance to watch a few film trailers and analyse what type of lighting they used in each shot. Underneath are the trailers we watched.

The Hobbit had some interesting lighting, however in some sections not much thought has gone into it, making the image look flat. Some shots on the other hand, are beautifully back lit.

Most of the shots in this trailer are outside or use natural lighting through the windows, so only a few shots use a lighting system.

I also found this website helpful to explain three point lighting, with easy to understand diagrams

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