Friday, 2 November 2012

Animation post 4

'Fly. Fly, fly. Fly. Flife. Flife. Flife. LIFE. Life.'

Mikey Please, please may I be as good as you at animation, please. I seem to have a running theme of unusual animations don't I. I am at risk of repeating myself from all of the other posts, but I really do love his work and just watching any of these videos below gets my animation juices flowing in my brain.

Here you can see the animation in it's full glory.
THE EAGLEMAN STAG from Mikey Please on Vimeo.

I saw this time-lapse at the same sort of time that the trailer was released, and waited oh so patiently for the final animation release date. Just watching this short video really puts it into perspective how much time and effort really goes into creating an animation, especially a puppetry one.
The Eagleman Stag - lake timelapse from Mikey Please on Vimeo.

This is the video which impresses me the most. The making of. I have always been fascinated by how people actually manage to achieve what they do, in any form of entertainment. Animation is like a magic trick to me, I love seeing it and not questioning how they did it and enjoy being caught up in the moment. But I also like ruining it for myself, knowing how they managed to saw the woman in half, or sit in a glass tank for 10 minutes padlocked in, but in this case how they managed to turn foam from the inside cushions of a sofa into a 9 minute long, character based animation. Who'd have thought it! Well the amazing Mikey Please that's who.
Making The Eagleman Stag from Mikey Please on Vimeo.

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