Saturday, 3 November 2012

Environment art 2/5

Paranorman, as mentioned before, is one of my favourite films of all time, which is a steep thing to say seeing as I have only watched it once! The art direction is phenomenal. I was going to post about their character design work in my last set of blog posts, but I was far more impressed with the set design.

The main thing I love about Paranorman is the rooms which are cluttered and messy, such as Norman's bedroom clustered with zombie posters and toys, or his Uncle Pendergast's whole house which is even more cluttered (I especially like his desk with cut outs plastering the wall).

Here is a concept drawing of Norman's room by Ross Stewart and Trevor Dalmer

Now compare this amazing illustration to the fantastic job that the set designers did in creating the bedroom for the film. I really love the 50's horror style of drawing, especially of the 'mondo zombies' poster below.

This video shows how impressive this whole design and making process is.

This little light, was a big task. Every single thing you see on set has been made from scratch to keep the aesthetic all the same. I really like how in this video you see the whole journey it takes just to create one tiny item.
ParaNorman This Little Light from Grow Film Company on Vimeo.

Unfortunately there are not many concept drawings posted on the internet yet for Paranorman. I do however own 'The art and making of Paranorman' book, so when my scanner is fixed/I next have time I will hopefully post some of the drawings in there. It is well worth buying the book, it is filled to the brim with inspiration. However I did find this one on the internet!


  1. cant wait to see Paranorman during BAF :)
    anyway u r added to my stalking.. i mean reading list :)

    1. how did I only just see this comment?! I need to learn how to use Blogger a little better I think! It's such a lovely film, feel free to borrow my making of book if you'd like to! Haha, I love it, don't worry I enjoy looking at other people's blogs too!