Tuesday, 7 May 2013

6th May- Bank Holiday modelling session

As I have fallen drastically behind, having to take the majority of time-tabled sessions off due to illness, and not having Maya on my own laptop and being dependant on being in Uni for this module, I jumped at the opportunity to spend the bank holiday Monday modelling at Chris' house on his computer. 

I first started off wanting to create my bubble blower machine, as this has already got the particle effect simulator almost complete and set up ready to be attached to the model. 
At first, I was finding it really difficult to model in Maya, especially as I was so worried about the Polycount that I just made really awful shapes.
Chris then tried to encourage me, and started modelling this shape for me, but in methods I still didn't fully understand, so I decided that I would start again from scratch and just model how I would have done before.
This time I added more edge loops, and just ensured I didn't try to make my model too 'perfect' and tried my best to model as I could.
After about half an hour, I managed to reshape the last model into this. I am really proud that I completed this model from scratch alone, and that I managed to use all of the Maya tools I remembered and felt comfortable with to do so. As I was hoping for a stylized koi fish, I think I may have got a little carried away with the tail, but I am going to go back to this model later to finalize it, adding further changes, additional features and uv mapping.

I then went on to make a soy sauce bottle, and modelled two variations, seeing if the number of sides enhanced the aesthetic, and personally I like the one on the right. This bottle I will be using, as it has a smaller polycount, whilst fitting better with my aesthetic style.

I created the dish and the lid separately, so I had to ensure that the lid I created fit. In the first image you can see on the left my finished lid, and on the right my first attempt.

To create the napkin, which I thought would have been a simple model, I had the trouble that when I cut a rectangle in half that the object became hollow. Luckily Chris told me about the append to polygon tool, which allows you to fill the face that is missing without adding any more vertex's.

The final object I modelled that day was the start of my water feature. Although modelling the pool was quite simple, I found lining up the pools difficult, especially to centre them. All that is left to model for this is the structure that holds each tier together. I am also considering whether or not to add extra details of a fish head and tail for each side of each tier, to fit this feature into my environment more.

I then started making UV maps for some of the items I had made in the day, which I can then create UV's for when I am unable to have access to a computer with Maya.

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