Saturday, 18 May 2013

Life of Pi review and making of

After watching Life of Pi over the Christmas holidays, I couldn't believe how amazing the VFX were. I managed to find all of these video's below showing some of the making of the film, which heightens how amazingly produced it was.

The film has since been in the public eye for a number of different reasons, but mostly because of the lack of acknowledgement the animation team received when winning awards, and then the closing of the company Rythm and Hues which suffered bankruptcy from creating the film. I could easily write an essay on how I feel on this, however this was so long ago now that it is better left unsaid. Either way though, if you get the opportunity to watch this film I strongly advice you do. It was phenomenal in 3D, but I am almost certain it will be just as owe inspiring to watch in 2D. My favourite bits of the film was the whale scene, followed closely by the mere cats and then the boat scene with the other animals, as all of the animals had been digitally created.

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