Friday, 3 May 2013


A few months ago I was asked by Chris to go along to MAP, an alternative education facilities with children who struggle to fit into regular school systems, for a quick talk about the possibility of us running animation work shops for them. During the meeting we managed to come up with a massive range of activities we could do, that would be easy and enjoyable, but also fast paced so they don't get bored. As I work for Saturday Art School at Uni, I already had an idea of what works and doesn't when it comes to art workshops for children of most ages, so we were able to narrow down the more ambitious ideas. Our main idea was to do a large white board animation of them swimming or interacting with a hand drawn environment behind them on the board.

Due to time constraints, Me, Chris or the people at MAP were able to find a regular slot that suited us all and the children they would like to take part, so this project has been postponed for a later date, hopefully over summer or sometime next year.

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